What is Source File in Fiverr?

Understanding this improves freelancers’ overall professionalism. Renowned online marketplace Fiverr connects independent contractors with companies that require their services. Independent contractors are capable of advertising on Fiverr.

Fiverr has become famous among businesses and clients seeking many services. If you are a freelancer on Fiverr, you might know the phrase “source file.” In this article, we will discuss what is source file in Fiverr is in detail.

What Is the Meaning of Source File on Fiverr?

What exactly is a Fiverr source file, then? A source file in Fiverr is an original file used to create a design or project. Understanding what a Fiverr source file is helps freelancers become more professional.

Clients request source files. These clients desire the flexibility to adjust or change the design later. The source file is typically an excellent editable version of a file that someone creates for you.

Why Are Source Files Necessary?

A clear understanding of what is a source file in Fiverr benefits both buyers and sellers. It ensures a flawless transaction procedure. The Fiverr source file offers various benefits. We have provided some of them below.

Source File in Fiverr

Flexibility for the Client

Clients can save themselves the trouble of looking for another designer by altering the design using a Fiverr source file. Imagine Clients may decide to make changes, such as changing the font or color after you create their logo.

Quality Control

A brief and obvious description of the source file in Fiverr establishes the groundwork for transparent and fruitful partnerships. Clients accessing the source file can examine and confirm that it satisfies their needs.

Intellectual property rights

By obtaining the Fiverr source files, the client gains substantial authority and control over intellectual property rights about design. Clients who take this action guarantee they have permission to use and modify the design later.


Offering clients access to Fiverr source files demonstrates a crucial aspect of dependability. It helps independent contractors build an online reputation. It shows the freelancer’s dedication to producing excellent work while putting their clients’ satisfaction first.

How to Send Source File on Fiverr to a Customer?

How to Send Source File on Fiverr to a Customer

Clients frequently ask freelancers, for the source file on Fiverr. A Fiverr client can receive a source file from you in several ways.

Attaching the source file straight to the Fiverr order is the primary option. This method is straightforward to use. It might not be the best for larger files.

The second option is uploading the source file to a cloud storage and providing a download link to clients. This method is preferred because the Fiverr file size restriction might not apply to larger files.
Being open and honest with your client about the Fiverr source file and any usage restrictions is essential. You can select to allow the client to use the source file solely for their own non-commercial or personal use.

Can you Charge Extra Money for the Source File on Fiverr?

Some Fiverr freelancers might indeed bill extra for providing clients with source files. It is entirely up to you whether to charge more or include the source file in your packages for free.

How do I create a source File on Fiverr?

There is no need to create a source file somewhere else if you have finished your work as a Fiverr seller. If you are a writer, you might want to upload the Word document as the original file. Sharing written code in PHP, JS, or any other language that applies is recommended for programmers.

Do I Need the Source File for my Logo?

A freelancer’s dedication to offering complete services is apparent by their explanation of what is source file in Fiverr. Determine that you require the necessary source files for the logo when placing an order for a logo design gig.

As an alternative, the logo designer can supply a logo in a JPG or PNG format. But it’s best to get the Illustrator (AI) file for a more thorough logo solution. Furthermore, there’s a chance that someone will download the logo from the internet and give it to you.

Requesting an AI file makes it difficult to share someone else’s logo. If you own it, you can modify the AI file in the future. You can change the design, add new colors, and more by using the AI file.

What is the Source File in logo Design on Fiverr?

It is impossible to edit, update, or convert the logo to SVG in the future when using only PNG or JPG files. In their initial correspondence with clients, sellers should prepare to anticipate queries such as “What is a source file in Fiverr?”

A logo design’s source file may be in one of several file types, including Illustrator, PSD (Photoshop), EPS, or SVG. Within the source file lie the logo’s colors, shapes, and all elements necessary for its creation, ensuring perpetual editability.

The logo’s colors, shapes, and other necessary elements are present in the source file. It ensures that you can alter it indefinitely. It only takes five seconds to convert an AI file to an SVG file. There may be separate options available if you’re not tech-savvy.

Remember that you can use logos on print materials, invoices, websites, and other platforms. The SVG logo is the most important for web applications, followed by PNG. Depending on your setup and experience level, uploading SVG files to websites could be difficult.

So, you require the logo in both PNG and SVG formats. The next option to upload is a PNG file if the SVG file is impossible to upload. It’s imperative that you upload your logo in PNG or SVG format rather than JPG for better quality.

So, if you upload a logo, you run the risk of it clashing with different background colors on your website.


In short, Fiverr is a dependable platform that facilitates seamless communication between clients and freelancers for many projects. Understanding Fiverr source file delivery is crucial because it’s necessary for the success of any project or design.

Maintaining open lines of communication with clients and following the above advice will ensure that you have successfully completed the project. This was all about the source file in Fiverr.

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