24 High Profitable & Low Competition Gigs on Fiverr 2024

2024 will see your freelance career success relying on your ability to locate highly sought-after, low competition gigs on Fiverr. Staying updated with contemporary advancements is vital for differentiating oneself from the crowd and generating substantial earnings.

As many individuals aim to work from home, the trend is ready for considerable development, driven by technological advances. Fiverr made an image for itself as a top marketplace for freelance services in the late 2000s. It took advantage of the business environment with restricted competitive substitutes.

Many users are providing their services on the website to engage possible clients, leading to intense competition. Ultimately, platforms such as Fiverr act as a hub where service providers can associate with those searching for services.

For instance, the rise in e-commerce resulted in a valuable increase in the number of people searching for chances to earn money online.

If you are discovering the best low-competition gigs on Fiverr with high demand, then you are at the perfect place. This article will provide details about low-competition gigs with high demands on Fiverr.

How to Get Started?

The crucial approach is to explore ideal balance, combining low-competition gigs with high demand, ensuring comprehensive appeal and profitable compensation. For example, many desirable jobs that attract many people include resume writing, logo designing, and many more.

These roles can be challenging for newcomers who aim to gain experience. Initial phases may show complexities as you try to develop your skills.

In the starting, you should accept lower pay for these roles. But you can increase your rates as you gain experience, receive constructive reviews, and improve your skills in a particular domain.

However, a few roles are simple, such as proofreading for text errors, adding subtitles to videos, and many more. However, creating a full-time income can be difficult because there is little demand for these services. Lower competition gigs on Fiverr can be the systematic entry point for freelancers seeking to develop their presence.

24 High Demand and Low Competition Fiverr Gigs in 2024

Youtube Keyword Research

Let’s keep it very basic: The proper keywords are necessary for content creators to appear in Google and YouTube searches. To find these keywords, many YouTubers are too busy creating videos. That is your role as an independent contractor.

low competition gigs on fiverr

To improve the visibility of your content in search results, determine the most important keywords. Considering that Fiverr offers this service extensively, you must concentrate on a specific market niche. Looking into low-competition gigs on Fiverr is a smart move for anyone hoping to get noticed early on.

Social Media Copy

Selling social media copywriting services on Fiverr could be a lucrative endeavor for you, given your proficiency in crafting content. Many individuals use social sites daily.

low competition gigs on fiverr

Due to its high demand and low competition, this gig is a great candidate for recognition among low-competition gigs on Fiverr. The fact that there are currently only 877 services of this kind on Fiverr is unexpected. Your charges can range from $35 to $100 per hour for your services. It’s easier for you and your clients because of this.

Whether you have decided to pursue it on Fiverr or look into other options, it’s a simple job with good earnings.

Skyscraper Technique

By concentrating on low-competition gigs on Fiverr, freelancers on Fiverr can get early feedback. In this way, freelancers can set the stage for bigger and trickier projects.

High demanding low competition gigs on fiverr

The skyscraper technique is a successful tactic for ranking on Google’s first page. It is the brainchild of Backlinko’s Brian Dean and seamlessly blends Google SEO with backlinks.

This gig has a lot of potential, in my opinion, because it stands out among the less competitive Fiverr offerings. When learned correctly, it can do amazing things and even earn you a nice living.

Create a unique blog post format with the help of the Skyscraper technique to increase backlinks and your Google ranking. There are currently just 51 services available when searching for “Skyscraper technique.”

Usually, freelancers charge $20 per hour; however, the cost can reach $200 based on the client’s demands.

Ghost Writing

Despite the high demand for blog writers, it could take some time and effort to establish yourself in this field. You can, however, really stand out by specializing in the unique blogging style known as “Ghostwriting.”

low competition gigs on fiverr

Not only is this service in great demand, but it’s also so simple for sellers to use. Content creation for clients includes writing for blogs, articles, websites, search engine optimization content, books, e-books, fiction, and more.

All you have to do is give the client ownership, which means you can’t claim it as your work. You will not possess any ownership rights to the content. Generally speaking, costs range from $10 to $50.

Certificate Design

Discover the idea of presenting certificate design as the simplest service on Fiverr. Many people are pursuing online education, so organizations and educational institutions are searching for trustworthy individuals to create certificates.

low competition gig on fiverr

These certificates include diplomas, awards, bonds, stocks, memberships, and other materials related to education. It is among the best jobs you can have. One of the best things about this job is that a college degree is not required. You can complete this task while lounging in your house.

With 1704 certificate designers on Fiverr, giving outstanding designs is vital to differentiate yourself. Use Canva, an online graphics design tool, to design and sell certificates.

Canva provides a wide range of certificate templates for your convenience. Lower competition gigs on Fiverr propose opportunities for freelancers to acquire visibility in the market.

Spotify Banner

Spotify is One of the top platforms for streaming music online. You may be aware of it if you enjoy music. Here is great news for graphic designers: designing Spotify banners is low competition gigs on Fiverr in the graphics and design category.

low competition gigs on fiverr

On searching the Fiverr website, you will explore 160 services recently offering Spotify banner designs. It shows a comparatively low figure, specifically when acknowledging yearly income up to $ 85,000 if it’s your full-time job.

Project 24 Blog Post (Blog Writing)

Although there has been a surge in demand for blog writers lately, getting started in this industry takes time and effort. On the other hand, if you focus on the unique blogging approach known as Project 24, you can set yourself apart. It is one of the main opportunities on Fiverr sites and is a more approachable service.

low competition gig on fiverr

To start, you need to be aware of all the basics. A remarkable place to begin is to explore the Income School YouTube channel. If you are ready for financial investment, consider enrolling in the course known as Project 24. This approach enables you to become a blogger and writer for others.


Fiverr gigs with little competition offer freelancers a good atmosphere without dealing with intense
competition. Nowadays, infographics have become common, appearing in serval forms across various platforms.

High demand low competition gigs on Fiverr

An infographic is similar to a picture that effectively communicates information through text, charts, and images. Every content creator includes infographics for sharing information proficiently.

In the Fiverr graphics and design category, unique infographic services are available. It ranges from $5 to $110.

LinkedIn profile Niche

Building and maintaining LinkedIn profiles that assist people in advancing their careers is the focus of this niche. Many people strive for a unique profile and attempt to get the jobs they wish. They may run into problems if they go it alone.

low competition gigs on fiverr and high demanding skills

If you’re good at making LinkedIn profiles look better, you could be able to make some extra cash. There are only 2,600 services offered at this time. There is very little competition for this opportunity. Each service typically costs between $40 and $100.

Beginners can strategically choose low-competition gigs on Fiverr to help them navigate the competitive freelance market.

Email Designing

Email designing aims to create emails that a company’s target audience reads. The target audience is typically its current subscribers. The continual growth of email marketing presents you with a fantastic opportunity to advance into the professional email design field.

high demand and low competion gigs on fiverr

This ability goes beyond Fiverr, providing chances in traditional job markets and many freelance services. Although there is a growing demand for this kind of work on Fiverr, there isn’t much competition recently.

Food Recipe Content writing

Those who enjoy writing but struggle to locate articles and blogs on Fiverr can focus on a more manageable niche. Blog posts with recipes offer a chance in a less crowded market that is worthwhile to look into.

low competition gigs on fiverr

Starting a career in the field of food recipe blog posts can be a wise decision. This particular niche provides a break with less competition in the vast world of writing, where the competition is intense. Making a name for yourself by providing outstanding and expert content is crucial. It will give you good reviews and more clients.

In the category of food recipe blog posts on Fiverr, there are roughly 271 services available. It’s a field with limited competition, open to anyone wanting to provide these services.

Case Study

Let’s examine the eighth gig highlighted in our list of low-competition gigs on Fiverr. This gig can change the game and become a successful business. Yes, case studies are what I’m referring to.

low competition & high demand gigs on fiverr

In a case study, you examine a specific subject thoroughly. The subject can be any person, group, location, event, organization, or phenomenon. A case study might, for instance, include a thorough analysis and evaluation of a company’s performance or even real-world events.

Give your clients the information they need and listen to them carefully first. For instance, in business, you need to provide complete details about what the company did last year. The going rate is $20, but people with great skills can set as much as $300.

White Papers Writing

Companies, especially in the cryptocurrency, often provide short, to-the-point reports describing their projects. These are known as whitepapers. A white paper informs readers about challenging subjects and provides insight into the author’s viewpoints.

low competition gigs

If you possess strong reading and writing skills, there are many chances for your hiring. To create many job options, generate assignments work, covering themes like NFTs, crypto, blockchain, DAO, and the virtual world. Each service has a standard fee that ranges from $50 to $200.

Freelancers can test their skills and progressively increase the scope of their offerings by starting with low-competition gigs on Fiverr.

E-Commerce Product Videos

Despite the oversaturation of the animation and video industries, E-Commerce product videos offer a relatively unexplored market with minimal competition.

Developing your ability to create visually appealing product videos that appeal to your audience’s interests could become a lucrative venture. Every video doesn’t need humans. If you don’t want a face camera, you can make a video focusing on the product.

Press Releases

Press releases are best and low-competition gigs on Fiverr if you can write them well. There is a need for engaging content because news organizations are searching for brief and compelling news stories every time. If you want to become a press release writer, it will provide you with many online and offline opportunities.

low competition gigs

This industry is appealing because of a unique combination of robust demand for carefully crafted press releases and minimal competition. There are currently just 2,200 services that serve this category.

In this field, a lot of writers are doing well, getting orders on a regular basis and being successful.

Technical Writing

Low competition gigs on Fiverr provide a less crowded market, making it easier for independent contractors to highlight their skills. Technical writing involves simplifying intricate concepts, essentially acting as a translator for complex technical information.

low competition gigs

Writing instructions, manuals, or explanations that are simple enough for non-techies to understand is your job as a technical writer. To start, schedule a gig where you can talk about your knowledge of technology, software, or any other technical subject.

The good news is that only 1,300 services are available for this specific keyword. There are different prices for technical writing. Your service price can differ from $20 to $100 or more, depending on how depending on how difficult the task is.

CookBook Cover design

There is a great chance to create visually appealing cookbook covers with Fiverr. Although there are many competitors in the book cover market, focusing on cookbook covers offers a variety of revenue streams.

low competition & high demand gigs on fiverr

This specific Fiverr niche is relatively new, offering a unique opportunity with few competitors. There are only 112 services on Fiverr that specialize in designing cookbook covers, so the market is small but growing. It indicates a growing market, offering an expansive platform for imaginative investigation.

Since each service ranges in price from $10 to $30, it might be a reasonable choice for new clients.

Instagram Highlight Icons

Currently, creating Instagram highlight covers on Fiverr is a lucrative job opportunity. You don’t need advanced skills or equipment to start creating Instagram highlight covers on Fiverr.

low competition gigs on fiverr

This gig has the potential to draw interest in the category of low-competition gigs on Fiverr. Using Canva’s free version, you can create beautiful designs for your clients without paying cash.

Keep up with the latest design trends and utilize straightforward drawings for an elegant yet modest touch.

App & Website Preview Videos

Creating brief videos that show how to use the app or phone is the process of creating video previews. Provide consumers with thorough explanations for all features of the phone or app. These extensive presentations are often called demo videos.

High demanding low competition gigs on fiverr

Your ability to create videos can open doors in this industry and bring in a steady stream of new clients. As there are low- competition gigs on Fiverr with high demand, your gig will always appear on Fiverr’s front page.

Legal Writing

Since legal writing is writing about the law, it’s the best option for anyone interested in a career in law. Gaining success in this field requires a deep understanding of legal details.

low competition gigs on fiverr and high demanding skills

Your duties include reviewing case notes and focusing on particular aspects of a case. It is the best chance for those already practicing law or recently pursuing it to increase their income.

One of your duties may involve writing several legal documents, such as affidavits, lease agreements, etc. Only 1,600 legal writing services are available on Fiverr.

Based on data from ZipRecruiter, a legal writer typically makes $87,301 per year. Generally speaking, freelance writers charge between $10 and $100 for their services.

Gaming Montage

if you are a fan of playing video games and video editing, you can make gaming montages and earn profit. This service is in extremely high demand, especially for well-known games like Fortnite, Call of Duty (COD), and PUBG.

low competition gigs on fiverr

There are currently 1,700 services listed in this specific category, indicating a fair level of competition. Starting your career early and building a solid reputation in the field are wise decisions. It is the best opportunity if you’re passionate about editing and gaming,

Book Editing

Having low-competition gigs on Fiverr will make it easier for you to build a loyal client base. Offering editing services on Fiverr is an easy and seamless process. The main reason is that you’re not carrying out a comprehensive investigation. You check the content, look for any mistakes, and fix them.

High demanding low competition gigs on fiverr

However, a few editing tasks may entail additional responsibilities such as formatting and potentially more intricate alterations. It may require excellent content and skills to use Microsoft or Google Docs.

You may need to use many different tools and plugins to identify and correct grammar mistakes. One notable tool in this category, for example, is Grammarly.

Domain Research

Finding domains with powerful keywords, from high search volume terms to domains with significant valuations, is the essential goal of domain research.

low competition & high demand gigs on fiverr

When we talk about domain research, we face two choices. The first choice is to begin with a new website and with a new domain name.
The second choice is, to begin with, an old website with reliability and plenty of backlinks.

Job Descriptions Writing

Are you able to write grants? Utilize your abilities by offering Fiverr clients your freelance job description writing services. It is a highly sought-after skill for small business owners, employers, employees, and HR managers who are looking to hire.

low competition gigs on fiverr and high demanding skills

Creating job descriptions requires little work because the client provides most of the information in the Q&A section. Collect essential details such as responsibilities, qualifications, and required skills to create a comprehensive job description.

Podcast Marketing

Increase revenue by making the most of your social media following and efficiently using Fiverr to sell podcast marketing services. It’s surprising that this job doesn’t require any special skills, so anyone can do it.

low competition gigs on fiverr and high demanding skills

Having a sizable fan base or being actively involved in online communities such as Facebook, Reddit, and Quora is essential. Make sure your audience enjoys listening to podcasts and finds the content engaging before anything else.

Once you’re certain that people are interested, take on a few projects in the field of podcast marketing.


Low competition gigs on Fiverr with high demand provide you the opportunity to earn. Many people are becoming interested in the specialized services that are in high demand as the online work landscape changes.

There’s a niche out there for you if you’re good at certificate design, case studies, infographics, and several more.

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