How Many Gigs Can You Create on Fiverr? To Get More Orders

In this blog, you will know how many gigs can i create on Fiverr.

If you have a new seller you can create seven 7 gigs on Fiverr. But this number is not for sellers one, seller two, and top-rated sellers. You can create more gigs as you move to the next level on Fiverr.

Your gigs are like a shop in Fiverr Marketplace. It gives you the ability to attract clients and get orders. At the same time, Fiverr can earn a commission through the orders and charge the client for the service fees.

What is a Gig in Fiverr?

Understand what is gigs on Fiverr in simple words, it’s a marketplace where people have opened different types of shops and people come and meet their needs.

Fiverr is a marketplace where experts create gigs to sell their skills and clients come and take their services according to their needs.

What are seller levels in Fiverr?

In Fiverr, there are different seller levels that you can achieve- from New Seller to, Level Two, Level Three, and Top Rated.

How many gigs can i create on fiverr

To move from Seller One to Level Two seller, you must complete 10 orders with a 4.2-star rating over 60 days. Once you move from the new seller level to Level Two, Now you start to look at new features and get greater exposure on the site. To achieve Level Three, you must complete 50 orders with a rating of 4.2-star rating over 60 days. If you have crossed all three levels in Fiverr. Last, to achieve a top-rated seller on Fiverr, you must complete 100 orders with a rating of 4.2-star rating over 60 days.

How many gigs can I create on Fiverr?

service providers on Fiverr can create a different number of Gigs. which you can see in the table below the exact number of gigs you can create on Fiverr.

Fiverr New Seller

This is how you become known as the new seller when you create an account and when you want to provide services on Fiverr. We encourage you to deliver your best work and service to satisfy your clients and move up to the next level in Fiverr.

You’ll get up to:

  • you can create 7 active gigs
  • You can Add 2 more services per Gig
  • Create custom offers (from $5 to $20,000)
  • You can withdraw after becoming $20

Level 1 on Fiverr

To achieve a Level 1 badge, you need to complete the following requirements:

You have at least 60 days of selling experience.

  • Complete at least ten(10) orders.
  • Earn at least $400 or more.
  • Maintained a 4.2-star rating.
  • Order completion rate is at 90% over the past 60 days.
  • response rate is not less than 90% over the past 60 days.
  • Have no receive warnings for over 30 days.

As a seller level one, you get the following.

  • Create a max of 10 Active gigs.
  • You can Add four extra services per gig
  • Make desire offers
  • Withdrawal of earned money after 14 days

Level 2 in Fiverr

To achieve Level 2, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Being an active seller for at least 120 days.
  • Finishing at least 50 orders since you started as a new seller.
  • Complete at least 50 orders since you started as a new seller.
  • Income of at least $2,000 or more.
  • Maintain your rating star at 4.2 for more than 60 days.
  • Maintain  90% response rate score over 60 days.
  • Maintain your delivery score of 90% over 60 days.
  • Avoid any warnings beyond 30 days.

You get to enjoy the following benefits.

  • Create a maximum of 20 Active gigs.
  • You can Add 5 extra services per gig.
  • Create Custom Offers $5 to $20,000.
  • You can withdraw your money after 14 days.

Top Rated Seller

On Fiverr, you can achieve the top-rated Seller Bage and he recognizes your hard work. The Fiverr team has reviewed on the past 60 days of your performance and when you meet the following requirements you get this level of honor.

  • Being active seller for at least 180 days.
  • Successfully completed at least 100 orders all time.
  • Make more than $10,000 annually.
  • Maintain a 4.7-star rating passed 60 days.
  • Over the past 60 days, main your response rate 90% rating.
  • Order completion rate of 90% over 60 days
  • Achieve a 90% score on-time delivery over 60 days.
  •  Avoid any warnings in 30 days.

As a Fiverr Top-Rated Seller, you get the following benefits.

  • Maximum creating up to 30 Active gigs.
  • You can Add 6 extra services per gig.
  • Create Custom Offers $5 to $20,000.
  • You can withdraw your money after 7 days.

Do Gigs Help You Get Orders on Fiverr?

Totally! Gigs are the customer-facing facades of your Fiverr business. Every gig is an amazing chance to catch the consideration of likely clients and persuade them to pick your administration. The key is to enhance your gig portrayals, utilize excellent pictures, and obviously articulate the worth you bring. A very much created gig draws in clients as well as improves your believability as a consultant.


Hopefully, now you know how many Gigs can i create on Fiverr that can provide your services to users. You should use high-quality Images and good Videos at reasonable prices, provide bonuses, and deliver top-notch customer support. If you’re new to Fiverr it’ll make you very profitable for you.

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