PSEB Freelancer Registration in Pakistan

What is PSEB?

PSEB, standing for Pakistan Software Export Board, is a government body dedicated to promoting and enhancing the software industry in Pakistan. In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, PSEB stands as a beacon, supporting IT businesses and ensuring the country’s presence on the global tech map.

PSEB or Pakistan Software Export Board plays a pivotal role in the growth and development of the country’s information technology sector. Established with a vision to foster innovation and boost software exports, PSEB has become a driving force in the tech industry.

What is the Importance of PSEB Registration?

In the dynamic landscape of the technology industry, registering with the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) holds significant importance for businesses and professionals alike.

Registration with PSEB makes companies eligible for various incentives, benefits, and support programs offered by the board. These may include tax exemptions, financial incentives, and support for participation in international exhibitions and events. It is often a prerequisite for companies looking to export their software and IT services.

The board facilitates the export of these services by providing support in marketing, networking, and accessing international markets.

How to Apply for PSEB Freelancer Registration in Pakistan

1) Visit the PSEB Website: Start by visiting the official website of the Pakistan Software Export Board. The URL is usually

2) Explore Freelancer Registration Section: Look for a dedicated section on the website related to freelancer registration. This could be under a specific program, initiative, or services section.

3) Create an Account: Some registration processes may require you to create an account on the PSEB platform. Provide the necessary information to set up your account, including your email address and other required details.

4) Fill out the Registration Form: Complete the freelancer registration form with accurate information. This form may include details about your skills, experience, and other relevant information.

5) Upload Supporting Documents: Prepare and upload any supporting documents that may be required. This could include proof of identity, educational qualifications, and samples of your work.

6) Submit the Application and Confirmation and Follow-Up: Once you have filled out the form and uploaded the necessary documents, submit your freelancer registration application through the online portal.

After submitting your application, await confirmation from PSEB. They may contact you for additional information if needed. Be responsive to any communication from PSEB during this process.

7) Receive Registration Confirmation: If your application is successful, you should receive confirmation of your freelancer registration. This confirmation may include details about any benefits, support programs, or incentives you may be eligible for as a registered freelancer.

Documents Required for PSEB Registration for Freelancers

  • CNIC (Both Sides)
  • Scanned copies of Personal NTN
  • Personal Bank Account Letter/Certificate

Documents Required for PSEB Renewal of Registration for Freelancers

  • Income Tax Return for the preceding year.
  • Scanned copies of the Summary of Export Revenue with proper IT/ITeS code defined by SBP (for export-oriented freelancers).

Registration FEE for PSEB Freelancer Registration

pseb freelancer registration

The Registration is free for new Freelancers in Pakistan, which means that when you register for the first time the fee is zero.

But if you want to renew your freelancer registration can pay the renewal charges of Rs. 2,000/- per year. So you don’t need to pay anything for the first year.

PSEB Freelancer Registration Benefits

1) Freelancers registered with PSEB may gain access to export opportunities, allowing them to offer their services to clients on an international scale.

2) PSEB registration adds a level of recognition and credibility to a freelancer’s profile. Clients, both within Pakistan and internationally, may view PSEB registration as a sign of professionalism and adherence to industry standards.

3) Registered freelancers may have access to networking events, conferences, and industry forums facilitated by PSEB. This provides opportunities to connect with other professionals, potential clients, and industry leaders.

4) PSEB may offer training programs and initiatives aimed at enhancing the skills of registered freelancers. This helps freelancers stay competitive and up-to-date with industry trends.

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