Top Freelancing Countries With Fastest Growing Earning

In freelance jobs, individuals work themselves instead of the organization. Freelancers do take work on contract for organizations they are self-employed. Freelancers are liable for the things that traditional workers are not. Freelancers are not considered as employees by the organization they are working for rather they are considered as contractors.

Every freelancer is always curious about top freelancer countries as they want to be aware of the country where freelancing is growing quickly. This article is all about the top freelancing countries of the world.

Just a few decades ago very few people knew about freelancing but now everyone wants to be a freelancer. If we discuss the reason behind amazing change then there are several reasons why freelancing got famous in the current years.

Firstly, technology-related advancements on the internet have made it simpler for freelancers to connect with clients globally. Secondly, governments of a few countries are trying their level best to generate more freelancers. Additionally, the economy has provided more chances for freelancers to find their work outside their country. This article focuses on the top freelancer countries

Top Freelance Countries You Should Know

Technology has made it simpler for every individual to increase their earning with successful gigs. US employees are getting huge rewards. Young freelancers all over Asia are rapidly moving towards freelancing. The digital platform Paynooner has mentioned quickly growing freelancing markets and how they are modifying the nature of the work.

According to the Global Gig Economy Index, the American economy observed a big development in 2019 with freelancer income up to 78% per year. This research takes out data from above 300,000 employees in a network of Payoneer

The U.K. and Brazil follow the world’s biggest economy. Each observed a jerk in the income of gig employees up to 59% and 48% respectively. However, Asia recorded the biggest regional development with income up to 138% over other countries. Pakistan led the charge which observed a rise in the revenue of freelancers in previous years.

Here is a list of top freelancing countries based on factors like the number of freelancers, average rate per hour, entire profit, and standard of life.

top freelancing countries

United States of America

America has the biggest number of freelancers with an estimated calculation of 57 million individuals working as freelancers Moreover, the average rate per hour in the USA is $ 20.50 which is higher than in many countries. Generally, the standard of life in the USA is high which makes it an engaging choice for freelancers.

In addition, there has been a sudden increase in the development of freelancing in the United States. This is because of several factors like enhancing flexibility that freelancing pays for employees and downturn which many individuals to search for a source of earning

Whatever the reason maybe it is very clear that freelancing is on the top and is about to grow in the upcoming years.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the second biggest freelancer country with an estimation of 4.8 million individuals working as freelancers. The average rate per hour in the UK is $15.50 which is less than the USA But higher than other countries. Generally, life in the UK is also high, like in the USA which makes engaging choices.

Moreover, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) report the freelance market in the UK is estimated to reach £10, it is said by ONS that freelancers’ incomes are predicted to rise faster as compared to workers. According to this report, the rapidly developing sector of freelance is IT. ONS also mentioned that freelancing incomes were high among young people (25 To 34)


According to a report on top freelance countries, Brazil is one of the top countries for terms of the number of freelancers, Brazil comes in third position with 4 million individuals working as freelancers. In terms of money earned Brazil is also one of the top countries with an estimated calculation of $1.4 billion per year, in 2022. Ukraine’s profit increased up to 28%. Ukraine’s rate of freelance is less as compared UK and USA which attracts trade and clients Globally


Pakistan is in the 4th rank in terms of top freelancing countries. Its freelancing industry is developing speedily with many individuals searching for victory in several categories. Thousands of individuals are improving their skills to make Pakistan the top country in the freelancing industry.

The country has a huge pool of skillful workers and its comparatively low cost of survival makes it an engaging destination for foreign trade. It is also the cause that Pakistan is leading among Asian countries with a development rate of 47%. Additionally, there are many choices for freelancers in Pakistan, The Pakistani government is supporting the freelance industry and has appreciated its development.


Ukraine is on the fifth rank in the list of top ten freelance countries. There were above 1.7 million people in Ukraine with a development rate of approximately 21 percent per annum. Since 2014 the number of freelancers has boosted up to 50 percent and the number of freelancers will boost more in the coming years

Several skillful people in the field give their services to trade and people globally. Ukraine has a good reputation related to quality of work and its freelancers have high demand, especially for IT services. Several businesses and entrepreneurs have moved towards Ukrainian freelance to complete their jobs which boosts the 36% profit of Ukraine freelancers within 2023.


The Philippines is in sixth rank in the world of freelancing and still maintaining its value. This is due to the huge pool of extremely skillful and well-educated employees as well as the extreme level of English expertise. Moreover, the Philippines has a strong tradition of business that creates an atmosphere that is useful for freelancers and the government.


In 2023 India will be the seventh biggest country for freelancing with an estimated calculation of 2.8 million individuals working as freelancers and 21% profit boots. The average rate per in India is Rs 500 which is less than the average rate per year in various countries

The standard of life in India is not extremely high but it is still an engaging choice for freelancers due to the huge number of chances available. Additionally, Indian freelancers have high demand
And are famous for their high quality of work and low price. As the freelance industry continues to develop in India more individuals will select the freelancing options either for full-time or part-time earning.


According to recent research, Bangladesh is among the top countries in the world of freelancing. In fact, some estimated calculations put Bangladesh as the second biggest country. for freelancing This is because of several factors such as low survival cost and availability of a huge pool of employees, Moreover, the government of Bangladesh is supportive of the freelance industry by giving taxes and other incentives.


According to a new report, Russia is one of the top countries in the world for freelancing. It is in overall ninth position and just behind India and Bangladesh. In 2022 the freelance market in Russia will be valued at 44 billion US dollars and it is still growing significantly.


Serbia is in 10th rank and making its place very quickly. Freelance revenue has increased up to 21% which is the highest. This is mainly due to the country boosting the rate of internet penetration and its favorable trade atmosphere.


These were all the countries among the top freelancer countries. These countries are working constantly to increase the rank and profit of the freelancing industry. Asian countries are developing and enhancing their position rapidly. It is believed that these countries will be among the favorite countries of entrepreneurs globally.

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