what is com android server telecom?

Phone calling is one of the greatest inventions of today’s world. Calling has made our lives so much easier that everything seems to be just one touch away. you are always one touch away from your beloved one’s com android server telecom is one of those technologies. In fact, com.android.telecom is a component that is present in the server system of android and it actually connects you with your beloved ones.

Remember, there are two concepts involved in this keyword(com.android.server). The first one is com.android.telephony and the other one is telecom. For sure, you need a dial-pad by which you can specify whom to call. For this purpose, com.android.telephony behaves like a dial pad for you. While telecom is the component that actually dials the phone call. Isn’t your life has been made so much easy? What else you need now? Haha, just joking, there is a lot more to come. Just wait and watch for inventions.

Com.android.telecom has the ability to make calls through sim as well as the internet. Let suppose you are going to the net, you will need some software in order to make them work and talk to the other operating system. The same scenario will get repeated if you make a carrier network on an internet-based phone call.

Android telecom framework allows users to make a video as well as audio calls. And not just that, it also provides a user interface for better interaction. In-call service and connection service are two components that are actually involved in this.

Android server telecom is the module that is actually present in android servers. Telecom, as an app, allows you to make phone calls. Telecom is the actual module that transfers your phone call and controls the modem of the phone.

com Android server telecom

Android server telecom acts as a framework for the Android operating system that allows you to make phone calls through network providers.

It is a part of your operating system and this module does not access your history or searches. Rather, it controls some of the main functions including VOIP calls, Sim based calls, and uses VOIP as a third party.

Connection service uses VOIP to make connection calls and the Telephony connection is an example of this connection service implementation. And in-call service provides the user interface for calling.

Difference between InCallUI and Android server telecom?


Let’s suppose you are on a call, the interface you see on your screen is actually called InCallUI. While on the other hand, Android server telecom is a module that is used for making calls.

Advantage of using VOIP apps:

Less Cost:

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small company or an enterprise, your first main goal is always the money-saving and good quality. Companies grow by making relations with different organizations and all this is maintained by good emails and calls. So, you always need some service that could allow you to make bulk calls at a cheap price. That’s why VOIP based apps are here. These apps allow you to make a large number of calls with good quality and cheap prices.


PBX actually allows you to make phone calls through a landline. This thing can cost you a lot of money. We are talking about hundreds of dollars here and that’s is against the company’s profits. This thing can downgrade your profits and may lead to crises.

So, we should use some calling service that could make tons of calls with less cost. VOIP based apps are used for such services. Android server telecom is a VOIP based app that actually uses VOIP as a third party and allows to make connections easily via phone calls.

Wiring Charges:

Let suppose you have decided to use a landline as a phone service for your company. Firstly, you will have to invest a lot of money in wiring all those landlines and you will be purchasing phones for your employees. This is such a costly module that may lead you to crises. But on the other hand, Android server telecom allows you to make phone calls without investing in wiring and phones. You can simply get apk for com.server.telecom and that’ll be enough. You can make phone calls easily with just one click and a beautiful user interface.

Video Calling:

No doubt, video calling is one of the best decisions when you are going to set a meeting with a client or some partners. This thing can enhance your engagement with each other. Moreover, you can discuss things in more detail by having a face to face meeting. That’s what android server telecom offers you. Com.android.server.telecom allows you to make video calls for groups. So, you may discuss everything in detail.

Call Security:

As you may know, voice tapping is legal in some countries for security reasons. Therefore, the government may track your calls if you are on a landline or some other phone network. But calling over the internet has an advantage over other phone networks. It’s actually not that much easy to track internet calling. So, most of the time, your conversations will be secured.

Quality Performance:

As android server telecom uses  VOIP services, calls are always made with the best quality performance. You can make both video and audio calls. This thing really makes it a cool thing and this can help you in the best engagement with your clients and partners.


Let suppose you are using PBX, you will be limited to how many participants you can add on call. On the other hand, Android server telecom allows you to add as many users as you want. This is really a cool thing that VOIP apps offer over PBX services.

Less expensive features:

Unlike other phone networks or sims, android server telecom is cheap. All you need is an internet connection with good bandwidth. That will allow you to call anywhere in the world with good quality and cheap price.

Disadvantage of using VOIP apps:

Internet Connection :

Android server telecom demands good quality internet to make audio and video calls. In case if your connection is a low speed, your call will get dropped again and again. This may leave your bad impact on the client. So, this may one of the reasons that you should avoid using internet calls.

Power :

If you are in a meeting and your power goes out, it will result in connection loss. In case your connection gets lost, you will no longer be able to stay on call. This is again a disadvantage of using android server telecom.

Which companies are using Android server telecom?

As I said earlier, android server telecom is not just for individuals but companies and enterprises use it as well. Below are some of the companies that are getting android server telecom services:

Google Hangouts:

Google hangouts, no doubt, is a great platform for virtual meetings. This platform is maintained by Google. So, you don’t need to worry about security. All of your confidential meetings are secured with Google’s servers. And Google makes sure to provide high-end streaming services for your video as well as audio calls.


Ooma is one of the few platforms that are highly secured and is trusted by many organizations as well as enterprises. In order to make great relations, you need to make great calls first. Ooma makes sure to provide high security and bandwidth so you may manage virtual meetings with potential output.


VoiceHost is another platform that is using android server telecom. VoiceHost actually uses VOIP services as a third party liabilities and allows you to make a high-end video as well as audio calls. Your calls are mostly secured when made through VOIP services. Moreover, VoiceHost provides Streaming services so, you may manage high-level virtual meetings with low bandwidth internet.


Zazen is a telephone service that actually uses VOIP as a third party. They not just provide telephone service, but also internet, DSL and IPTV services. You can use the internet of Zazen for high bandwidth. This will ultimately result in high end streaming with Zazeen streaming services. Zazen is maintained by highly secured servers. So, you don’t need to worry about your confidential meetings. You can discuss whatever you want and Zazeen assures to make your conversations secure.

Android server telecom alternative:


Discord is one of the few platforms that provide high-quality streaming. This is not just for meetings but also provides live stream services. Most of the time, gamers use Discord for their live streaming on different platforms. Discord is maintained by a team of professionals. So, they make sure that their server may not get down and you get the best streaming experience. So, you don’t need to worry about call leakage.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook is a well known social media platform. Almost billions of people are using this platform right now. No doubt, Facebook is trusted by every single individual as well as organizations and enterprises. Messenger provides the most trustful streaming services. And recently, they launched a feature of group calling. So, you can hold your individual as well as a group meeting with Facebook messenger. This is one of the best alternatives to android server telecom. Facebook, as you know is maintained by the world’s most professional programmers, so, your calls and chats are secured with end-to-end encryption. Facebook assures you not to leak your information and provides you best trust as much as possible.


WhatsApp is really a great app for audio and video calls. And most probably, this is the best alternative to android server telecom. Almost every single individual in today’s time is using WhatsApp. WhatsApp secures your chats with end to end encryption. So, there is no possibility of your data leakage. Your chats as well as calls are secured with WhatsApp servers. You can add as many people on the call as you wish. This cool feature of WhatsApp makes it really innovative and the best alternative to android server telecom.

Google Duo:

Google Duo is another Google tool for video calling. This app provides a lot of features other than calling. These features are included face beauty, face detection, and beauty enhancement, etc. These features add to the beauty of Google Duo and make it the best alternative to android server telecom.


Skype is one of the great platforms that are developed and maintained by Microsoft. No doubt, Microsoft always innovates products in every domain. And Skype is one of their masterpieces. You can make group calls both audio and video and get the best streaming experience. Besides all this, Skype allows you to make personal as well as group chats with a beautiful user interface. All of the conversations along with calls are secured with Skype. So, you can trust Skype for all of your meetings or callings.

How to get Android Server Telecom?

You can simply visit Play Store and search for android server telecom. In the results, you will get an APK file for android server telecom. You can simply download that APK and start getting the best streaming experience. You can make calls both video and audio and all of your call are secured with android server telecom.

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