Server vs computer

In today’s world, everything is getting managed by computers. Data from small businesses to large enterprises is stored and managed on a computer. When you are working individually, a small pc is enough. But when you are working as an enterprise, you need a whole network of computers connected to each other. There was a need for something that could connect different computers to each other. That’s why the server was developed.


What is a server?

server vs computer

A server is a system or like a computer that actually connects different computers. It uses different protocols for connecting your systems. These protocols may include a local area network(LAN) and a wide area network(WAN). The server receives requests from different computer devices and responds to those requests.

What is a computer?

server vs computer

A computer is a device to which you give instructions in the form of a variable program. The computer receives these instructions and manages your data accordingly.  A computer performs different operations including mathematical and logical operations. No matter if you are an individual or an organization, a computer is designed to store and manage data of every kind.


The computer uses different software to actually process your data. In today’s time, a well-known software for managing your data assets is Microsoft word. You can use computers for almost every purpose whether it’s calling with your beloved ones or getting information from the internet. It all depends on your need.



Now you have seen some of the details about the server and computer. Now the question is how a server is different from a computer. What things actually makes computer different from servers?

Server vs computer


A computer is a local machine that you use for your daily life purposes. While the server is like a computer that actually connects a lot of computers.  The computer actually stores data in a local machine and receives instructions to manage your assets accordingly. While servers actually connect different pc systems. You can keep computers in your homes and most likely in your lap if you are a laptop user. Servers are usually designed to keep them in server rooms. They are usually large in sizes and hard to accommodate in homes. You can purchase computer systems for your normal use but servers are usually available to be purchased online.  Servers are made in large racks. While you can hold computers in your hands. Computers are not that much capable of storing data but servers have a lot of memory to store data depending on hardware. Some servers have even 100+ TB of data that’s actually capable of hosting a massive amount of data.


Examples of server


Conceptually, servers can be anything that is able to store data. Even your local computer is a server. You host files on your system and use them as per your needs. You can also host a website on your local server but that will be for your use only and will not get public access. Another example of a server is an android phone. You simply search for data on the internet and downloads it on your mobile phone. Your mobile phone acts as a server and host files on a local machine. You can use, send, and manage files using smartphones that are acting as a server.


Who uses computers?


The computer is designed to be used by everyone. If you are an individual, you can use a computer as per your need. If you are an enterprise, you can use the computer accordingly. But if you are an enterprise, you will need a lot of computers working and connected together. As you may see in offices, there are usually a lot of teams that work on different domains. But in the end, everything usually gets managed by computers. So, in order to operate such enterprises, you need at least one server that may be able to connect all of the systems. And you may also need some protocols for using the server. These protocols may include local area networks and wide area networks. In short, it doesn’t matter if you are an individual or an enterprise, a computer is your need if you want to grow in a short time and smartly.


Who uses the server?


Servers are usually used by organizations and enterprises that work in large scale sector. Because they need a lot of computers and their data is usually large in size. So, they purchase online servers from different websites and their data gets stored in their servers.


Some more highlights on server vs computer


  • A desktop computer runs a user-friendly environment and fulfills almost every business need.
  • Servers run only to host different data and perform no other function.
  • The data you host on your local pc is only for you. That data will not have public access. For example, if you host a website on your local system, the website will run on your local server but no one will be able to visit your website other than you.
  • If you purchase an online server, you will be able to provide public access to your data. Let suppose you host a website on an online server, everyone with an internet connection will be able to visit your website using their web browser.

Data security computer vs server


However, your local computer doesn’t provide public access to your data, but still, there are chances that your system gets hacked by someone. And in this case, your data will be lost or modified by hackers. But in the case of servers, it’s not your responsibility to secure your data. It’s the responsibility of companies that provide servers. They have different teams for security. So, you don’t need to worry about your assets. Different companies including Amazon, Microsoft, and Digital oceans provide such services. Their pricing depends on your needs. For example, if you are using amazon servers, their price will increase according to your data. They will charge you only for the data that you host on their server. Similarly, Firebase is another company that provides such services. Their prices also depend on your user’s needs and go on increasing as your data increases. But in the case of computers, your data is your responsibility.

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