How to turn off mouse acceleration?

As you know, mouse acceleration is present in windows since the starting days of windows. You can feel more reliable with the cursor while moving the mouse. Mouse acceleration allows you to control each and everything on the system. But if you are a gamer, things may cause some bad feelings while playing games. You may not feel comfortable while gaming and this leads to your anger. In this article, we are going to look at how to turn off mouse acceleration. Besides this, we will also explore how to turn off mouse acceleration in Windows 10 as well as in mac. So, without wasting any time, let’s begin.


How to turn off mouse accelerates in windows?

Follow the below-given steps to turn off mouse acceleration in Windows 10:


  • First of all, find your mouse settings
  • Then you have to open the control panel
  • There you’ll open up Sound and Hardware
  • Now, find the device section and select your mouse

Note: You may see your mouse as a Bluetooth or a USB device. In that case, you have to right-click the icon to open the mouse settings. And then you can select mouse settings simply from the drop-down menu.


Advantages of Mouse Acceleration:


Let suppose you are sitting in an office where you have a lot of work done. You may need to move between tabs and different screens and even desktops. You may find yourself clicking different random stuff instantly. And you need to run everything on the system as fast as possible. It’ll be a bit difficult if you simply use a laptop pad. So, you are always in hurry and need something that could actually make your work faster. That’s where mouse correlation comes in. You simply control your system with the help of a mouse. You feel more comfortable with mouse correlation than using a direct laptop pad.


Disadvantages of Mouse Correlation:


No doubt, mouse correlation has made our professional life much easier in computers’ life. If there are pros to this, there are some cons as well.


Let suppose you are a gamer and you are playing your favorite games on your PC or laptop. Your game may demand a high level of ram and speed to work optimized and good. That’s where mouse correlation can cause problems for the gamer. You may feel uncomfortable if your game gets down due to ram shortage or more mouse consumption. You may lose some points in your game due to more ram consumption of your mouse or you may not target the enemy with a slow mouse cursor. This will ultimately lead to anger and furiousness.

Find acceleration options:


  • Now you have a window opened on your screen. All you have to do is to select the pointer tab
  • Now, on the top, you will find a Motion titled section
  • Under the sensitive slider will be an enhanced pointer section. Just unclick that
  • Now click apply and ok and that’s all

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