Difference between Java and JavaScript

Both Java and JavaScript are computer languages, but most people get confused that is Java and JavaScript the same language or different languages? How the word, “Java” is the same in both Java and JavaScript? So here we are going to discuss in detail about Java and JavaScript. If these are different languages or the same language?

What is Java?


Java is an object-oriented programming language based on C and C++, invented by James Gosling and Sun microsystems in 1991. There are three additions of java, each programmer can learn any of those editions supported application they need to form. Firstly, we have Java Standard Edition, this edition contains core libraries like java. lang, java. util, etc. Secondly, we have a java enterprise edition. This edition has APIs like, JMS, EJB, etc. And lastly, we have java micro edition which is used to program java in cell phones, set-top boxes, handhelds, and so on. Java files are converted to bit code format employing compiler then executed by the java interpreter. The whole java code is run on the java virtual machine which provides a runtime environment.
The most popular feature of java is that it’s platform-independent. Compilation happens in bytecode and because of this, java can run on any machine. It is a very secure language as it contains no virus. Java has the feature of multithreading. This feature helps java to do multi-tasking may be a portable language because it can run on any platform. Last of all java is not as fast as C and C++ but provides higher performance than any other language. Java is an OOP based programming language, OOP means object-oriented programming language. And it is also a high-level programming language which does works with objects.

What is JavaScript?


JavaScript is also a programming language. JavaScript was developed by Brendon Eich in 1995 and was first known as a live script but Netscape changed its name to JavaScript. It is arguably one among the foremost important and widely used programming languages within the world immediately. It is growing faster than any other programming language. JavaScript programs can easily run by a built-in interpreter available at user’s browsers. This can be used commonly as part of different web pages because it is a very lightweight language. It makes the web page dynamic. It is also called client-side language and server-side language.

What can JavaScript do?

  1. JavaScript is a full-featured programming language.
  2. JavaScript can validate user input
  3. JavaScript can be used to create cookies
  4. In JavaScript, user interaction does not require any communication with the server.
  5. What makes JavaScript unique?
  6. Complex things are done easily
  7. Can enable by default and Support by almost all types of browsers
  8. Fully integrated with HTML/CSS

Difference between Java and JavaScript

Java is not a scripting languageJavaScript is a scripting language
Java program should have compiledJava scripting programs do not require compilation
It is an object-oriented languageJavaScript is an object-based language
java does not require a webJavaScript need a web browser for its execution
Java is a strongly typed languageJavaScript is a weakly typed language
Java is a complex languageit is an easy language
Java is an object-oriented programming languageJavaScript is object-oriented by itself but the object-based scripting language
Java files have an extension of “ java” that is common throughout the activities performed with the +63fileJavaScript has a file extension “js” that is primarily used for creating and storing the file
It requires more memoryIt is lightweight
Its objects are class-basedIts objects are prototyped


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