Best Programming Languages for Hacking

What coding language do hackers use?

What is the best programming language for hacking?

Keeping these questions in mind, let’s discuss the best programming language for ethical hacking so that you can choose the right way to start your hacking career. All these programming languages have their own importance and different roles & benefits but your choice will totally depend on the system which you are targeting. Therefore, any language would great according to your strategy.

The objective of ethical hackers is to discover any exploit before they fall into the hand of unsafe attackers and fix them before any attack could happen. Ethical programmers utilize an assorted arrangement of hacking programs and programming languages for this reason.

1: Ruby

Ruby is a purely object-oriented programming language that is used by Hackers for interpretation scripting. It is another best programming language for hacking. This programming language is very much similar to the Python programming language. Both are great languages at automating common hacking programs but Ruby is much web-focused. In the field of Ethical Hackers or security researchers, Ruby got famous in less time. Perl, Smalltalk, Ada, Eiffel, and Lisp were influenced by this particular programming language. Due to its strong flexibility, while writing exploits, Ruby is a popular programming language among white hat hackers. Also, the most famous hacking tool Metasploit framework was written, Ruby. It is difficult to master but easy to learn the language.

Features of this hacking programming language:

  • Purely object-oriented programming language.
  • It is multi-platform.
  • Format free, so you do not need to consider the format of your programming.
  • It has a smart garbage collector and it is open source.
  • Ruby has an active community.
  • It is difficult to mastery but easy to learn the language.
  • the most famous hacking tool Metasploit framework was written in Ruby.

2: Perl

Pearl is another important programming language that is widely used within the Linux environment. Many people believe that Perl stands for Practical Extraction and Report Language. Linguist Larry Wall developed Perl in 1987. He designed it especially in order to manipulate text. A number of hacking tools like onesixtyone, snmpenum, nikto, fierce, admin finder, etc., has been developed by using Perl. Perl is a very important programming language for hacking as many old systems still use Perl. Perl programming language is best for manipulating text files on Unix software. Hackers still use this programming language in order to hack into old machines. For crafting different parts of his hacking programs a hacker will use Perl programming language.

Perl hacking language features:

  • Perl is still the best language for its file and text manipulation facilities.
  • mostly used for its software tools, web programming, system management tasks, etc.
  • Extensible in nature Perl allows hackers to create a variety of hacking programs with this programming language.
  • Perl has a simple and flexible syntax.

3: Python

Python is considered one of the best programming languages for ethical hackers. This dynamic programming language is used by ethical hackers for scripting their hacking programs. Basically, Python is the general-purpose programming language, which is high-level, easy to learn, and dynamically initialized. Python programming language firstly developed in 1989 by the great Guido Van Rossum.

Python is the world’s fastest-growing programming language. It is playing a vital role in cyber-security and ethical hacking industries to develop different types of hacking tools and penetration testing. Debugging your program is a breeze in Python with its built-in debugger. It runs on Unix/Linux, Mac OS, and also has been ported to Java and NET virtual machines. It is free to use, even for commercial products, because of its OSI-approved open source license. It has accepted as the most preferred language for increasing the search trends and Data Analytics.

Infect, if you want to get into data science and machine learning, Python is the language that you must learn. Python and Django are also very popular choices for building the backend of web applications.  Python is being used by companies to re-write their existing applications or build new applications. Instagram, YouTube, and DropBox are examples of websites built with Python.

Python hacking language features:

  • The interpreted nature of Python permits it to run without the required for compilation.
  • Python is very helpful for ethical hackers as it is an easy-to-read language.
  • It is one of the best languages for hacking.
  • It has a massive community that wields useful 3rd-party plugins/libraries every day.
  • Python is easy to write a programming language.

4: SQL

SQL stands for structured Query Language. People call it SQL or Sequel. SQL is a programming language that communicates with databases. Most of the ethical hackers loved to use this hacking programming language. All the RDBMS, database management systems, like My SQL, MS Access, Oracle, Sybase, and SQL Server uses SQL hacking programming language as their standard database language. Mostly hackers use this language to develop their SQL injection-based hacking programs. This hacking language is also used by hackers in order to run unauthorized quires.

What SQL programing language can do?

  • Executes queries against a database.
  • Retrieve data from the database.
  • Insert records in the database.
  • Update records in the database.
  • Delete records in the database.
  • Create a new database.
  • Create new tables in the database.
  • Create stored procedures in a database.
  • Create views in a database.
  • Gives permission on tables, views, and procedures.

5: PHP

PHP stands for PHP hypertext processor it is the most famous dynamic programming is specialists suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. WordPress and Drupal built on PHP. Programmers mostly use PHP for creating worker or server hacking programs as it is the worker side scripting language. in this way in the event that you are into web hacking, at that point further information in PHP is important. So a hacker must learn PHP.

PHP hacking language features:

  • Open source, freely available for everyone.
  • Unlimited free help resources are available.
  • Much faster than other server-side scripting languages.
  • Platform or machine-independent.
  • Can integrate PHP with HTML-CSS, WORDPRESS, and other languages.
  • Easy to learn the language, it will very easy to work in PHP.
  • Strong security.
  • Best programming language for personal web hacking.


HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.HTML is mandatory in the list of the best programming language for hacking. one should learn HTML first as a beginner because according to programmers it is the easiest programming language. It is a static markup web language so; HTML is an essential language for hackers as it plays an important role in web-developing. You must be a master in HTML if want to become a programmer or a hacker.

Features of this hacking coding language:

  • Mostly, HTML is considered a language of the web, as it plays an important role in web development.
  • It is Static Markup language.
  • Easiest programming language.

7: C

C programming language is invented by Dennis Ritchie IN is a widely-used programming language. C programming is a low-level language and also a critical language in the hacking community.

Most of the favored operating system we’ve today run on a foundation of C language. The low-level nature of C programming gives it one more advantage over most languages. It enabled hackers to control hardware and system resources including RAM. C programming is a superb resource in the reverse engineering of software and applications. These enable hackers to know the working of a system or an application.

Features of C programming language:

There are lots of features of the C programming language due to which it still famous enough after around 50 years’ development. But, here we mention the main features of this hacking programming language.

  • C language is the general-purpose programming language.
  • Simple & easy programming language, every C program can be written in simple English language so that is very easy to understand and developed by the programmer.
  • Portable/machine-independent programming language.
  • Case-sensitive, it is a case-sensitive programming language e.g. in C programming ‘RUN and run’ both are different.
  • Powerful programming language.
  • The middle programming language, C programming language can support two-level programming instructions with the combination of low-level and high-level that’s why it is called middle-level language.
  • Structured programming language.
  • Dynamic memory management.

8: C++

C++ is an object-oriented programming language. You can also say OOPs language and it’s also known as a structural programming language. C++ is developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 at AT & T Bell Lab.

Like the C programming language, C++ is also a low-level language resource and analyzes system processes immediately accessible to hackers. C++ is only for serious developers. This programming language takes no prisoners when it comes to hacking, which is extremely useful “in cases where such resources are not adequately protected by the program the hacker(s) are trying to conciliation”. So, if you want to build hacking programs by yourself, mastery of this hacking programming language is mandatory.

C++ hacking language features:

  • C++ is an object-oriented programming language.
  • The general-purpose programming language, each and every type of Application or Software can be developed using C++ language.
  • C++ follows a Structured programming language.
  • Allows hackers to write a fast and efficient hacking programming language.
  • C++ is a powerful robust programming language.
  • Middle-level programming language can be used to developed application software.
  • A system programming language, C++ can be used to developed systems software.
  • This programming language syntax is very easy.
  • Platform dependent programming language.
  • Portable or machine-independent.
  • C++ programming language is an extensible programming language.

9: JavaScript

JavaScript is the most utilized as client-side or customer side programming for web improvement is likewise the best programming language for hacking web is the best programming language for programmers and security specialists for creating cross-site scripting hacking programs. Understanding and having knowledge about JavaScript is necessary for operating any type of web application because there are hardly any online projects that don’t use JS or its libraries. JavaScript is also the best option for hacking web applications. You should learn it on high priority mode.

JavaScript hacking language features:

  • JavaScript is easy to learn as a programming language.
  • It is a powerful and popular language.
  • JavaScript is Client-side or customer side language.
  • It is the scripting programming language.
  • High-level and interpreter based programming language.
  • Prototype or object-based scripting language.
  • Case-sensitive language.
  • Weakly or un-typed scripting language.
  • It is also browser independent scripting language.
  • Not fully safe or secure.
  • Light-weight, its codes take very fewer memory footprints for execution.

10: Java

Java is a programming language which universally used by hackers to reverse paid is a dynamic nature programming language it means that once you write your hacking programs with Java then you can run it on any platform which supports Java. Java is also used by hackers to create bonnets, identity thefts, and to perform malicious activities on the client system.

Currently, Java programming language is widely used in system and mobile development. We can say that this programming language now runs on more than 3 billion mobile devices. So Java is the best programming language for hacking mobile devices.

Features of this programming language:

  • Java is a very simple and easy to learn programming language.
  • Platform independent, you can run it on any platform which supports Java.
  • universally used by hackers to reverse engineer paid software.
  • Java is a secured language.
  • It is also portable, you run your program on any system after generating code.
  • Compiled and interpreted.
  • Java is a very strong and robust language.
  • Java is a multiple-threading programming language.
  • It is also a dynamic programming language in nature.

11: LISP

LISP is another greatest programming language for hacking. This language is developed in 1959 by John McCarthy. LISP is the second oldest programming language which can effectively use for hacking purpose. It also a high-level programming language. Lisp is a hacker’s favorite programming language because of its flexibility and machine-independent. Due to its programming complexity, it has lost its charm. With Lisp programming language one can create his own syntax and also create any kind of programming paradigm he like, then include it in his programs.

Features of this hacking programming language:

  • Lisp is a fully machine-independent programming language; one can create hacking programs without thinking about architecture.
  • Lisp is one of the oldest programming languages still in widespread use.
  • Hackers favorite language.
  • Lisp is also a high-level language.
  • LISP is a powerful programming language.

12: Bash

Although, there are still debates about Bash because it is not a full-fledged programming language it is the command shell in almost all Unix and Unix-like systems by default. In this way, after you’ve obtained entrance on an organization by using a mix of hacking programs, Bash will come conveniently controlling the framework itself. It tends to be the idea of like the Swiss armed force blade of present-day hacking programs and is an absolute necessity for security fans. In order to enhance the functionality of exploits or payloads, one can use Bash with other programming languages. For instance, you could compose a Python code that wraps Bash content. When the Python code is run on a casualty’s PC, it executes the Bash content naturally.

Features of this hacking coding language:

  • For penetration into a different network, bash language provides features that do this work automatically.
  • Bash language is the most complicated script which is very difficult to understand and modification of directory tree and file system very complicated once it got hacked through this script.
  • For hacking program utilization like Armitage, Metasploit, and NMAP someone required a deep understanding of bash hacking language.

13: Assembly

Assembly Programming language is a low-level language that can be compiled through an assembler. This language can be created through source code compilation from a different programming language like C, C++, etc and another way is that it can also write from scratch level. Assembly language can easily be translated into machine language with the help of an assembler. To understand the internal executions and functionality of any kind of binary bits stream it is necessary to have knowledge about the assembly language. Assembly language is one of the best hacking languages because it is very easy to write scripts in this language. By using assembly language, very robust and strong binary bits can be arranged which can easily penetrate and injected into vulnerable systems. Different kinds of system liabilities and buffer overflow can easily exploit by using assembly hacking language. Assembly language is not only important for writing hacking code but if someone wants to prevent their network, software, and another system this knowledge of the assembly language is essential.

Assembly hacking language features:

  • It required 64-bit address line.
  • Assembly hacking language is a low-level coding language.
  • Through this language, any kind of data can be moved to any register from the memory location.
  • This hacking language can easily handle arithmetic expression.
  • This language provides a facility for the hacker to manipulate the network or system at architectural level.


14: Lua

Lua programming language can be easily and smoothly run on many embedded systems because it is very lightweight and low syntax language. Lua coding language has very simple and fast programming but still, it provides a very powerful C API which gives permission to the ethical hackers to develop potential hacking coding which can penetrate this kind of systems. It would be the best hacking programming language that runs on the embedded system for example smart TVs, smartwatches, etc.

Lua hacking language features:

  • Industries like Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) use Lua programming language to develop security systems for their setups.
  • Lua is a simple but fast coding language that is a highly viable option for that system that runs on embedded systems.
  • Due to its multiple platform characteristic, it is the most related to a general-purpose hacking programming language.

15: Scheme

Scheme programming language is also one of the best coding languages for hackers which is normally used to inject viruses and other defects in LISP software. The scheme programming language is a general-purpose language that supports many hacking coding standards which includes imperative programming and functional programming. This is comparatively easily hacking code language which can be implemented with little struggle and knowledge.

Scheme hacking language features:

  • The scheme programming language has although a small core but language is very extensible.
  • This hacking language emphasis recursive algorithms and functional programming which make it a reasonable selection for high profile hacking language.
  • You can easily build asynchronous software with the help of scheme hacking language as its evaluation has some delay in it.
  • Its disinfected macro characteristics give an advantage to the developers to extend the programming language without disturbing the native script of the code.



There are hundreds of hacking language available now a day with unique hacking options with them. If someone wants to become an ethical and professional hacker then you cannot restrict yourself to only a few programming languages. For this purpose, you must have a strong understanding and knowledge of computer technology, computer networking, computer databases, software and hardware, and computer applications. It is not possible to hack all kinds of the present technology with help of single hacking programming that’s why to become an un-breakable hacker you must have advanced skills in all types of hacking domains.

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